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Business Formation

US$299   (State fees included)

  • Includes:

    • Business Name Search: Ensure the desired business name is available and meets state requirements.

    • Standard Filing Time: Process the formation documents within a standard time frame, e.g., 2-3 weeks.

    • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization/Incorporation: Handle all paperwork required to form an LLC, corporation, etc.

    • One Year of Basic Registered Agent Service: Offer registered agent service free for the first year. 

    • State-Specific Guide: Provide a basic guide on the next steps post-formation specific to the state of formation.


Business Formation

US$799   (State fees included)

  • Includes:

    • All Basic Plan Features: Includes everything in the Basic Plan.

    • Faster Filing Time: Expedited process for quicker approval, e.g., within a week.

    • Tax ID (EIN) Registration: Assist in obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

    • Operating Agreement/Bylaws Drafting: Provide a templated operating agreement or bylaws suitable for the client's business type.

    • One Year of Standard Registered Agent Service: Offer registered agent service free for the first year. 

    • State-Specific Compliance Calendar: Calendar of crucial deadlines, like annual reports and franchise tax.


Business Formation

US$999    (State fees included )

  • Includes:

    • All Standard Plan Features: Includes everything in the Standard Plan.

    • Expedited 24-hour Filing: Super expedited processing for immediate business needs. ( Online Delivery ) ( Orders Before 12:00pm EST )

    • Business Kit: A professional kit including, member/shareholder certificates, and a company binder. ( Kit 3-7 days Delivery ) 

    • Business License Search: Assist in identifying required business licenses and permits for the client's specific industry and region.

    • Initial Meeting Minutes and Resolutions: Draft initial meeting minutes and necessary resolutions for the board or members.

    • Dedicated Support: Personalized customer support or a dedicated account manager for queries and assistance.

    • Online Document Storage: Secure cloud storage for all formation documents for easy access and retrieval.

    • Domain Name Search: Help clients find and secure a domain name that matches their business name, ensuring an online presence. (US$100.00 savings value on Branding24h)

    • Business Banking Assistance: Guide clients through the process of setting up a business bank account.

    • One Year of Virtual Office Services: Provide virtual office addresses, mail forwarding, and phone answering services for businesses that don't have or need a physical office. (US$600.00 savings value on Mailbox24h)

    • Access to Business Tools: Partnerships with software providers to offer discounts or trials on tools like accounting software, project management tools, or CRM systems.

    • Business Insurance Guidance: Provide information or partnerships with providers for necessary business insurances, such as general liability or professional indemnity.

    • Business Logo: Initial Basic Logo Design . (US$199.00 savings value on Branding24h)

    • One Year Basic Website: Initial Basic Business Website Link.

Filings Services

Your Pathway to Seamless Business Filings

At Filings24h, we are dedicated to simplifying the complex world of business filings. We understand that navigating the intricacies of legal paperwork, regulatory compliance, and administrative tasks can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower you on your journey towards success.

Our Mission: Empowering Your Business Growth

Business filings are more than just forms and paperwork. They lay the foundation for your enterprise's legitimacy, protection, and growth. Filings24h is your trusted partner in this crucial process, ensuring that you can focus on building your vision while we handle the administrative intricacies.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're a startup taking your first steps or an established business seeking to expand, our range of services caters to every stage of your journey: 1. Business Formation: Our experts guide you through the process of creating a legal entity, whether it's a corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship. We meticulously prepare and file the necessary documents to establish your business's official presence. 2. Registered Agent Services:  Stay connected to regulatory authorities and legal proceedings effortlessly. With Filings24h as your registered agent, you can ensure that crucial documents and notices reach you promptly, maintaining compliance and safeguarding your privacy. 3. Annual Compliance: Don't let compliance obligations slow you down. We help you stay up-to-date by providing reminders and assisting with annual reports, licenses, and other mandatory filings, leaving you with more time to focus on innovation. 4. Tax Filings: Taxation is a critical aspect of any business. Our tax experts assist you in preparing and filing accurate tax returns, optimizing deductions, and ensuring that you meet your tax obligations without unnecessary stress. 5. Document Retrieval and Storage: Access your important documents anytime, anywhere. Our digital platform allows you to securely store and retrieve your business records, making audits and reviews a breeze. 6. Personalized Support: Your business is unique, and so are your needs. Our team of professionals provides personalized assistance, answering your questions and guiding you through every step of the process.

Why Choose Filings24h?

1. Expertise: Our team comprises experienced professionals well-versed in legal and regulatory nuances, ensuring that your filings are accurate and compliant. 2. Time-Saving: Eliminate hours of administrative work and paperwork. We handle the details so that you can focus on growing your business. 3. Peace of Mind: Trust in our reliability. With Filings24h as your partner, you can rest assured that your filings are in capable hands. 4. Affordability: Quality service doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on excellence. Your business journey deserves a reliable ally. Let Filings24h be the cornerstone of your success, providing you with the confidence to navigate the business landscape seamlessly. Discover the ease of expertly managed business filings today.

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