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Dedicated Desk

Co-working Space

US$300.00 a month / Annual

US$350.00 a month / 60 Days Notice

The Dedicated Desk Plan caters to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking a consistent workspace without the commitment of a private office. Members receive a personal desk in a shared workspace, ensuring they have a reserved spot to come back to daily.

  • Includes:

    • Personal Desk: Members have a reserved desk space with an ergonomic chair.

    • Lockable Storage: Each dedicated desk offers a lockable filing cabinet or drawer for secure storage.

    • High-Speed Internet: A reliable Wi-Fi connection, with an optional wired Ethernet connection at the desk.

    • Access to Common Areas: Members can use communal areas such as lounges, kitchens, and breakout spaces.

    • Meeting Room Credits: Members receive a certain number of hours per month to book meeting rooms equipped with necessary tools.

    • Printing & Scanning: Shared printers and scanners are available, with a monthly print/scan quota.

    • Mail & Package Handling: Members receive a professional business address with services for mail reception, package handling, and forwarding.

    • Free Beverages: Complimentary drinks like tea, coffee, and water are provided.

    • Member Discounts: Members benefit from discounts on various products and services through partnerships.

    • Cleaning & Maintenance: The workspace is regularly cleaned and maintained for member comfort.

    • Secure Access: Entry is controlled through keycards or app-based systems.

    • On-site and Online Support Staff: Support staff or community managers are available during working hours to assist members.

    • Feedback Mechanism: Members can provide feedback through an online portal or suggestion box.

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